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A leading researcher, designer and manufacturer of Production Logging Tools and solutions, SONDEX tools are being used by major Wireline companies including, Haliburton and Schlumberger, worldwide. Geoplex-Wireline management has been able to secure manufacturing agreement with SONDEX resulting in direct access to SONDEX technology which is among the best available in the industry. SONDEX supply all our downhole tools as well as the surface acquisition system. The surface acquisition system –MIDAS (Multi-tasking Integrated Digital Acquisition System) is rack-mounted with many of it's hardware redundant as back-up. There is also portable version of MIDAS for memory PLT recording on Slickline. The system runs on Windows with full control of logs including simultaneous recording and playback capabilities. Log outputs are displayed on high-resolution screen and on wide varieties of thermal film and paper plotting devices. Archive logs can be recorded on DAT tape, Floppy diskette or CD-R as per client's request.


Based in Aberdeen, ELMAR-SSR is a reputable manufacturer of Logging equipment including, Logging Truck, Cabin, Cable Winch, Powerpack, Masts and WellHead Pressure Control equipment. The high profile nature of wireline services and the high volume data associated with them demand state of the art logging units and data acquisition systems. Geoplex-Wireline data acquisition systems are land, swamp and offshore ready. They consist of truck mounted and skid-mounted units. The truck-mounted units are available for services on land, while the skid-mounted units are for services on offshore/swamp rigs, barges and platforms.

Highly reliable trucks used for the truck-mounted systems ensure that the units arrive at location always on time. The Skid-mounted units, like the truck-mounted are completely self-contained capable of performing most wireline cased hole services. The portable nature of these units allows them to be easily set up on rigs, barges or platforms where space is a constraint.

Logging Equipment designed and manufactured by ELMAR-SSR are in use worldwide by Haliburton, Baker-Atlas and Schlumberger.



Based in Forth Worth, TX USA, Owen is a leading manufacturer of perforating equipment, offering the industry widest range of perforating systems and associated equipment. Owen Oil Tools have over 300 unique shaped charge designs including the award winning SPIRAL SHOGUN and SWING JET II. Their RAPTOR PERFORATING SYSTEMS is the industry highest performing Deep Penetration Gun System.

Geoplex-Wireline has a PROCUREMENT agreement with Owen Oil Tool.


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